Expert qualified asset manager and independent fiduciary

Independent Fiduciary Roles

As a qualified professional asset manager (QPAM), as defined by the Department of Labor (DOL), Evercore Trust acts as an independent fiduciary in a number of contexts. The QPAM exemption may allow a plan to engage in an investment transaction with a party in interest to the plan (e.g., a sale, exchange and/or lease of plan assets) that would otherwise be prohibited by ERISA.

Evercore Trust possesses the expertise and resources to serve as an independent fiduciary in:

  • Mutual Fund Mergers and Reorganizations

  • Mergers, Restructurings, Spin-Offs, Split-Offs, and Recapitalizations

  • Sunset of Company Stock Funds

  • Negotiated Sale of Plan Assets Between Affiliated Parties

  • Selection of 401(k) Plan Investment Options

  • Orphan Plans

  • Fiduciary Outsourcing

  • Fee Remediations for Health Benefit Plans

  • Annuitization and Pension De-Risking Strategies

  • Transactions Involving Financial Institutions and ERISA Investors