Evercore Trust Company - Trustee of the Rabbi Trust

Trustee Services

Grantor-Rabbi Trusts for Non-Qualified Plans

When an employer establishes a rabbi trust to secure benefits for participants in a non-qualified excess plan, top-hat plan, board of directors' plan, or other executive deferred compensation plan, Evercore Trust may be retained as trustee of the rabbi trust. With our in-depth experience in change-of-control and change-of-heart situations, we can hold and invest trust assets pursuant to the trust agreement, providing another layer of security to beneficiaries of a deferred compensation plan.

Evercore Trust can assist with investing these deferrals in a variety of tax-advantaged investment vehicles. Our responsibilities as trustee may include:

  • Asset custody

  • Defending the trust and interests of plan participants against hostile takeovers

  • Determining participants' entitlement to distributions after a change in control

  • Administering plan distributions

  • Reporting

For more information, please contact Richard Murray at
(888) 296-2903.