Independent special fiduciary for many of the most complex exemptions granted by the DOL

Independent Fiduciary Services

Investment in Employer Stock

Evercore Trust is the leading provider of independent fiduciary services to employee benefit plans which contain large blocks of employer stock. Acting as an independent fiduciary to a plan, we seek to protect the interest of plan participants and beneficiaries in situations where inherent conflicts of interest may exist between the plan sponsor and the plan.

Other Independent Fiduciary Roles

As a qualified professional asset manager (QPAM), as defined by the Department of Labor (DOL), Evercore Trust acts as an independent fiduciary in a number of contexts. The QPAM exemption may allow a plan to engage in an investment transaction with a party in interest to the plan (e.g., a sale, exchange and/or lease of plan assets) that would otherwise be prohibited by ERISA.

Institutional Trust Services

Evercore Trust offers a full range of trustee services to employee benefit plans, including defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and VEBAs.

Working closely with the company's employee benefits personnel, we determine the best approach to managing the account in accordance with the trust agreement and applicable law. Different plans require different types of trust and fiduciary services. Accordingly, our experienced trust administrators focus on providing the most responsive, secure, and technologically advanced services for a variety of trust services, including: