Women, Wealth and Wisdom




Guthrie Theater
Dowling Studio
818 South Second Street
Join Kari Rihm, President and CEO of Rihm Kenworth, and Evercore Wealth Management for what promises to be a lively and inspirational discussion. Kari faced enormous challenges in transitioning to her current role as owner of a Kenworth commercial truck dealership after the unexpected death of her husband, overcoming the obstacles inherent in a male-dominated industry and providing leadership for the family business.
This event is part of Evercore Wealth Management’s Wise Women series – our ongoing discussion on the unique opportunities and challenges surrounding women’s wealth management. This open forum engages, educates and supports women, enabling them to make informed decisions for themselves and their families.
For further information, please contact Stacie Price at: stacie.price@evercore.com or 612.656.2828.